Hey, hey, suspense seekers!

Duvet cover is DONE!  Pop the champagne, throw a party, kiss your lover!

Here are some teaser photos while I complete the tutorial write up- sorry for the bad lighting and the camera hog, Jenny thinks she belongs in Hollywood.

Check back soon, soon, soon… for the step by step details.

Happy Tuesday!

Until next time sexy people.

6 thoughts on “HAPPY TUESDAY!

  1. Hi Ryann–

    Not sure if you’ll get this since this post is from nearly 3 years ago. However, I thought I’d still try! I was happy to find this blog post as I’ve been wanting to make a duvet cover almost identical to the one you have made (linen on top, cotton on the bottom). However, my question is — are the seams on the linen side (since you had to add fabric on each side since the linen isn’t wide enough) really obvious, or do they just sort of “go away” visually? I couldn’t quite tell from your photos. Also, thanks for all the very detailed information, I find that very helpful! Thanks for any thoughts you could offer!

    • Hi Tracy,
      Sorry about the delay in my response! I don’t keep up with this blog much anymore but I still very much appreciate you reading and commenting! Really happy to hear you are making your own duvet as well. Mine is still kickin’ so it was a pretty successful option for sure. The lines are kind of obvious but I also did a double seam so it definitely stays flat and looks more intentional. You could probably see it less if you did just one seam but the double seam is stronger and looks finished so I don’t actually mind the look of it. I also just made sure they were even distances from the center and very straight. Hope this helps!!

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