Happy Almost-Weekend, Mother-Lovers!

(I love my mom, and you should too.  Today she told me she reads my blog [HI MOM!], which makes her much cooler than your mom.  I’m sure your mom is cool, just not my-mom-cool.  Best mom ever!)

Since we recently gave the bedroom some much-needed lovin’ – yay, duvet cover! – time to switch gears and talk living room!  Gosh, this blog is just riveting!  How do I not have millions of readers?!

With the help of Adobe Photoshop’s free 30-day trial, I have created the MASTER PLAN.

Ladies and gentlefolks, I proundly present to you, my future living room (and kinda dining room):

Now a few caveats:  I’m already sick of that polar bear pillow.  I don’t actually own it, I just don’t like looking at it in this photo anymore – boo on you, expired Photoshop trial!  Don’t get me wrong, its cute, but in a nursery sort of way.  I am also not 100% in love or committed to everything in here.  I do like the idea of each piece though, meaning, for example, I don’t love the rug, but I do love the idea of a kilim/turkish rug there with some red in it.  Lastly, please ignore the rough photoshop execution. I didn’t want to spend hours on this but rather make a rough outline for Alex to understand where my heads at; I guess I heard “you are all over the place” too many times.  But to his point, I totally am.. sometimes.  

I’m sure you are all dying to ask if any progress has been made yet.  Well, you will have to wait and see, won’t you?  Yes.  Yes, you will.

Who am I kidding, I can’t keep anything from you – just look at that face, who could keep anything from that face?  No one, I tell you.  Anyway, the answer is yes, but I can’t use all my good stuff in one entry, gotta spread the love.  Don’t change that dial, there is much more to come!

So what say you, interwebsters?  Suggestions?  Comments?  Gimme gimme.

Also, someone please buy me photoshop (no, not you, Mom) because my trial is now doneskies and I want it so so so bad.  The reason I cannot aquire this wonderful program is because the business people of Adobe are total jerks and understand they have something golden and marked up the price accordingly.  To like, thousands of dollars.  Basically,  it costs WAY too much and definitely doesn’t fit into the Moore budget.  I also would never let Jenny work the streets just because I want to make perdy pictures — even though she totally could because she definitely has it going on, seriously, you should see how all the boy doggies look at her at the dog park – I mean if they hadn’t already been panting..

3 thoughts on “the MASTER PLAN

  1. Looks like you’ve got a great plan here! I love those knitted poufs… I’ve thought of getting one myself. Nice job on the Duvet. I love to sew and wish I had more time for it. Enjoyed seeing you MAKE something instead of buying it. AWESOME! Enjoyed looking at your blog… Congrats.

    • Thank you! The plan is pretty rough as I said, but helps my husband understand how all the things I tell him I love, go together. The knitted poufs are great – these ones in particular I think I pulled from CB2 (knitted pouf), but at $90 a pop, I really would like to DIY these. Unfortunately, I need to learn how to knit first, but it is on the list of to-dos.

      I am really pleased with how the duvet cover came out, although it took a lot more time than I had imagined. I definitely understand that sewing is something you really need to set some time aside for, which does make it difficult and is why the next couple DIYs will be sans-sewing.

      The idea of MAKING something rather than buying something is definitely something I want to be a main theme of the blog. I am not claiming I have amazing style by any means, but I do want to encourage people that not only is DIYing something totally rewarding, but in some cases, it also allows you to get something you desire, that wouldn’t normally be able to afford – with the added plus of being able to totally customize it.

      Anyway, I really appreciate the kind words! Your blog is definitely one I am so happy I have found in this round about way – it seems we have a similar style and that you are really doing some amazing things. I love your new credenza, what a great find! And I love the DIY silk screen you did on your butterfly chairs! Best of luck with everything and thanks for reading my humble little blog. =)

      • Knitting is on my list of “learn to dos”, as well. Finding the time for things like that and sewing are what I ache for. Renovation kind of takes over your every thought and sucks up your time… but really being creative is what I most enjoy. So I look forward to all your DIYing and I’m sure it will inspire me to make the time to do my own.
        I use to sew all my clothes and reupholster all our furniture, curtains, duvets, handmade dolls, etc, etc.
        It is so fun. I’m glad we found each other too. Blogging is fun and I’ve met some great folks.

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