No… not me.  Or Jenny.  But thank you for the compliment.

Her name is Emily Henderson and she is adorable, hilarious, and oh so stylish!  So stylish, in fact, that she has her own show.. called “Secrets from a Stylist” on HGTV, which is seriously the numero uno reason I am so sad we don’t have television.  (I KNOW!  We are weird, deal with it.)  Thank goodness HGTV sometimes is cool and posts the episodes on their website.  That being said it usually takes them like ten months to finally add them, so I am pretty much constantly like the weirdo that just saw Titanic for the first time and is now raving about it to all their friends who don’t give a crap because, duh, they saw it when it first came out, and double duh, they know its amazing. 

Anyway, she is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to HGTV, without a doubt.  I have loved HGTV forever, but this is really the first that I would DIE to be on.  Her show is such a refreshing experience because it illustrates that not everyone wants a Tuscany inspired Kitchen or Contemporary Living Room.  It really feels like it could be for us younger, newlywed, apartment dwellers as well as the older, richer, fancy Malibu homeowners, and pretty much for any sort of style.  Basically, I hope that HGTV is paying her some big bucks because I think shows like hers are what will end up saving the network from dying out.

OK, I know I sound like a totally crazed stalker fan.. and while I can see what you are saying, I am not (kinda), I am just so stoked that HGTV is getting younger and hipper, and I would argue, much more stylish.  That and I have been reading her blog FOR. LIKE. EVER.  Like even before she won Design Star, so I basically feel like we are best friends even though she doesn’t know who I am.  But if you someday happen to read this Emily, let’s totally have a double date, you bring Bearcat and I’ll bring Jenny and we will go somewhere so totally trendy and stylish and have the time of our lives, become best friends forever, like with bracelets or those half heart necklaces and everything, and then you can come design my house for free just because you love me so much. 

Side note – I know, via her blog that she goes to the LA Flea Markets and Alex and I went the other day, as to be discussed in a forthcoming post, and I’ll be honest, half the time I was looking at furniture and fun flea market stuff, and the other half I was looking around for her or Orlando (who is her awesome and handsome right hand man for design related activities – ie her show, interior design business, painting her house, etc.).  You should read both their blogs:

 Anyway, the point of this post is that she has asked her readers to spread the word about couple awesome shows she will be the host on that will be airing tonight on HGTV that sound super fun!  And because I am cool now and have my own blog and can say/endorse whatever I damn well choose – I hereby demand you to watch the heck out of these shows!  I mean, if you can.  Like if it works for your schedule, and/or it interests you in anyway.  I would totally watch, if I had television… =( and I totally WILL watch if HGTV puts it on their site.

About the shows:

It is called “Behind the Sets” and will be airing at 6 and 6:30 PST (two different episodes).  In the show, Emily goes on a few of the sets of some of the Hollywood shows and interviews set designers, creators, and some actors.  Some of the shows she visits include – Modern Family, The Good Wife, Malcom in the Middle, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, and the Big Bang Theory.  Sounds fun and interesting and you should watch!

You should also watch her regular show!  DO IT!  Go to to watch some episodes from the first couple seasons and watch for Season 3 on HGTV.

So, have fun, enjoy, and have a uber-fabulous weekend!

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