First, let me apologize – I am going to make you feel worse about whatever you did last weekend..

I ran a mother trucking half marathon!!  Consider my own horn tooted.

Don’t feel too bad though, because I quickly followed that up with some delicious San Diego microbrews and Temecula wines.  More or less, everything that was healthy about running a half marathon was quickly cancelled out with yummy alcohol.

We signed up in November last year, Alex and I.  Alex didn’t end up running, however, due to doing something even more heroic than running a half marathon – donating bone marrow to a 7 year old girl with leukemia.  I know I married a prince.

I ran, here and there, sometimes being really good about training, sometimes not, for several months to prepare for the Safari Park Half Marathon in San Diego.  And I now that it is over, I am happy to report it was quite a riot.  Throughout the course, we ran by a winery, two golf courses, an ostrich farm, cows, camels, elephants, cheetahs, and of course, some hungry lions.

The biggest challenge for me was that about a week prior to the run, I definitely got sick and to this day (a week after completing the race) this nasty sickness remains.  I was scared.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish.  But in the end, I was able to beat my goal and my past time by a minute and a half.  Hooray!  I literally fist pumped over the finish line.

I wont say the run was easy, or even fun, apart from seeing some cool animals, but it was very satisfying.  I felt awesome, on top of the world.  And even though it was difficult and the training was time consuming, I would highly recommend doing it or something similar – 5K, 10K, a marathon – once in your life, if you can, because I think everyone deserves to feel super awesome about themselves or something they have done.

And if you take my suggestion, here is a quick thought to make the training easier:

At least you aren’t running barefoot (that is unless you are a crazy mofo training barfoot)

The reason I say this is, the half marathon also had a costume contest and there was a man dressed as Tarzan, who LITERALLY ran the whole race barefoot.  I am not joking, scariest man alive.

Anyway, I understand that this post isn’t really design/DIY related and a bit braggy, but deal with it… love you!

2 thoughts on “CHECK THAT OFF the BUCKET LIST

  1. BRAVO! Good for you… that’s a great accomplishment. Some people only make it from the couch to the refrigerator… so you ROCK! I use to run a lot and did complete a 5K about 4 years ago. My knees just aren’t what they use to be. I think this is a wonderful thing to post. I got over the whole “my blog has to be this one thing” idea. It’s your place… post EVERYTHING! Lots of people will enjoy it. I love this and congratulations.
    P.S. I did giggle a little at the 6th picture down. I thought maybe that lady might be waiting for someone to slow down or stop and she would release that leopard on them! That would get you moving. HA HA HA!

    • Thank you again for your kind words! Turns out the one thing I am finding harder than that run is getting back to it now that I have completed it. I am happy to hear that you have enjoyed running too – but I totally understand about the knees, I already can feel it in my hips and knees so I am going to take it a little easier for a while.

      And thank you for the encouragement about my postings – I was so concerned at first about staying focused, but then I thought about the blogs I loved to read and how they wrote and took the leap. I am so happy to have the feedback though! Starting out is always difficult, I would imagine, since there isn’t much feedback to be had, you don’t know what people want to read. Anyway, I really appreciate it and am glad you liked the post!!

      I do love the photos of the animals, haha, if only they weren’t enclosed or on leashes -I agree- that would have got me moving a little faster, I would have blown through my PR. =)

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