Look what eBay sent me a couple days ago:

It’s a cute little turkish pillow!  Note to self:  When ordering something on ebay, pay closer attention to where the package will be coming from to get an idea of how long it would take to arrive (in this case it took 20 days or so, which meant I was checking my mailbox with more and more frustration for 20 days.)

I like the little guy, although he could stand to eat a sandwich or two and get a little bigger, but he is still a more than welcome bit of color on my grey, light grey, slate grey, white, and black bedding.

I suppose I haven’t explained my thoughts behind the drab bedding choice.  My thought was that the neutral background would provide a blank slate to decorate the bedroom around.  We can now simply change our little throw pillow friend or add/switch up the rug situation for a whole new color scheme.  I really wanted all white bedding, however, we tried that with our first set of sheets and I learned quickly that it is very challenging to keep white sheets the same bright white forever.  I assume black would be just as bad, if not worse – simply think about a black car, it shows everything – so grey it was.

We don’t have a rug in the room now and honestly it might be a little while before we do much more furniture purchasing, well, because, we gave our notice and will be moving out of Unit B at the end of July.  DUN DUN DUUUUH.

I promise I will still have plenty to blog about, don’t go running away!  Plus it also means we will have a entirely new place to arrange and decorate -YAY!  Oh, and we might have a garage sale coming up… which will be fascinating since I have never tried to throw one of those together on my own, please feel free (translation: please, I am begging you) leave me a comment with any advice.

I know you need a little more bloggy meat than this, I do apologize for the brief posts lately.  More to come my hungry little turkish pillows.


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