I am not the type to normally talk politics. In fact, it is something I most often avoid because I do have friends/family/co-workers that I know disagree with me – and it really isn’t value-added for us to engage in an argument that will most likely just leave us only feeling stronger about our initial positions and frustrated at the other party for not seeing things as we do. However, while it has been difficult to not say anything on Facebook, particularly in response to a number of very infuriating posts, I do feel like this blog is my space, one which I have reserved for my opinions, on a free platform where anyone with access to the internet has the ability and right to share. So I will share, and proudly. GOBAMA!

via www.barackobama.com

There have been a few post in particular that have been written so beautifully and eloquently that I have decided to share them here in lieu of attempting to write-up my own, since they have said so much of what I would loved to have said if I only had been able to find the words myself. Please read.

Amazing post by Daniel Kanter of Manhattan Nest

Lovely post by Anna Dorfman of Door Sixteen

Lastly, I do have a bit more to share. I want to admit that about a month ago I wasn’t even going to vote. Not because I didn’t have strong opinions on some matters, but because I believe that there are SO many people in this country that vote ignorantly and I didn’t want to contribute to that number. I felt like there was too much that I would want to know before I would feel comfortable casting an “educated vote” and that there just wasn’t enough time to absorb enough information. Well, what I realized was that this was a cop-out and a very lazy way of thinking. I began doing research, reading articles for and against Obama, in support of and passionately opposed to Romney, and while I know there is still a lot out there that I don’t know, a lot of facts that I would love to double-check and triple-check the sources on (the perfectionist in me has an addiction problem), I now feel very confident and passionate about the way I will be voting today. I am excited by my ability to help in the fight for a better and more compassionate America, for today and for all the generations to follow. Don’t be lazy (like I was) and do your part – grab your tote, write a note, ride a boat, cast your vote!

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