Semester’s Passed

As the next semester fast approaches, I am trying to keep calm as I imagine my already busy schedule getting … well, nearly impossible. As an attempt to subdue my extreme anxiety, I have spent some time today looking back on projects from previous semesters and it made me realize there are a few of my favorites that I haven’t shared on here. While I know it will be great to be generating more work again, even these fun pieces aren’t battling the anxious-butterfly-monster party-ing it up in my stomach regions, too well.

Would love some extremely encouraging comments (stay away you poo-poo-ers!) and/or a care package of mountains of coffee, no-doz, tissues – for late night homework-induced sobbing fits and two of these lamps from One Forty Three (not because they have anything to do with doing homework, combating stress, or staying awake, but just because they are beautiful and I would like to own them and I can only assume the happiness they would bring me would distract me – at least briefly – from the undoubtably huge list of to-do’s I will have).

You guys are DA-BES.

“SATURATE,” Typography and Graphic Design Magazine

SATURATE CoverSATURATE Magazine Spread“Save a dog, save a friend,” PSA

Save a Friend

“Cocoa Coffee Company,” Logo and Stationary Design Business_Card_Front_Coffee

  Business Card

Envelope_Back_Coffee Envelope_Front_Coffee_Flap_Down


9 thoughts on “Semester’s Passed

  1. also, LOVE love love the new work, my dear. You’re so damn talented. It’s disgusting. (but in a good way disgusting, like you had too many fresh strawberries and then want to puke because they are so good and you can’t contain yourself and ahhhhh! stained berry juice lips)

  2. Laateedaa – Yes, we can absolutely get one for your loft! Let’s do it! One Forty Three is absolutely amazing!

    And thank you for following directions =) but you know, when we talk about talent, you are still the top dog in that department. One day, I will say I knew you, partied (way too hard) with you, and on occasion, even held two-person dance fiestas with you. I shall be famous by association. It is basically my retirement plan.

    As always, thank you for your continued support, constant inspiration, and for being one of my favorite ladies to get together and brainstorm wild ideas with.

    *end love note*

  3. I love your work!! I love the ‘save a friend’ psa – really good use of colors here, and great layout. where are you going to school? I had no idea! …and I understand that oncoming semester stress SO MUCH. it can really eat you alive man! take it one day/one project at a time. I look forward to seeing more of your work!! xoxo.

    • Rox – thank you for the sweet comments! I am currently going to Otis College of Art and Design studying Graphic and Web Design. I studied art in my undergrad but it was unfocused really and I did it to keep my sanity – now I am getting serious =)

      I really appreciate the advice, I am so glad I found your blog a few months ago and am sure I will look back on it since you too are a working lady trying to further her art education – it is so encouraging that you have survived so far! That means there is hope for me.

      I have been thinking I should do a post on some of my paintings/drawings from undergrad, I would love to hear what you think if/when I do.

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