For the love of natural light

With any move there are mixed feelings and this last one has certainly been no exception. We have broken hearts over leaving some of our dearest friends – even while they are only an hour or so away, this could easily translate to 3 hours, given LA traffic and it hurts all the same. We are filled to the brim with excitement about what this new adventure will bring and the opportunity it is giving me to explore my career goals. We will miss being just a stones-throw from the beach, the running trail and a few of our favorite happy hour/food spots, but love the challenge of finding new stomping grounds. We have already talked about the fact that our last apartment may always remain our favorite non-forever home for so many reasons. But this new one has it’s perks as well.

Such as.. NATURAL LIGHT. OMGEE I have windows.

Our last place was wonderful, it really was. We had all the freedom in the world to do whatever we wanted, even though we didn’t take full advantage of that (we didn’t really have this move planned and thought we would be there for a while, in other words, weren’t in a rush) it was still very nice to know we could, at any time, make any change we felt like. It had concrete floors which I really didn’t mind and made for cleaning up our part-sheltie’s dog hair much easier. The location simply could not be beat. It was just enough space that we weren’t on top of each other, but it also challenged us to have a more minimal life style. But, it really only had one window and was, in a sense, a cave. 

The extra unfortunate thing was that this one window was off the kitchen and so situated that there was no room for plants of any size to be placed along its limited light source.

Every time I got to feeling a bit bummed to be leaving our little Redondo condo, I would remind myself that while its quirks were often wonderful, the lack of windows had and would always frustrate me when I would walk through the plant aisles of Home Depot, OSH, IKEA, or even saw a lovely plant-filled home image on a blog or Pinterest. That was, until I went on one last IKEA run before moving into the new place, where along with some necessities, I picked my first long-coveted Fiddle Leaf Fig.

It has some nasty brown patches on a leaf or two, which honestly were already developing in the store, but I figured even a few leafs down, the IKEA deal was going to be the most affordable AND justifiable to the non-plant-enthusiast that is my husband.


(SO sorry about the horrible photo, I am now iPhone-less and therefore good-camera-less. Working on it.)

I have since spent the last week or so reading all the internet has to offer in terms of advice on how to keep this lovely leafy green\ alive and thriving. Here are my favorite reads:

+ From Gardenista – this piece even features some of my favorite blogger’s thoughts on FLF

+ A good straight-forward FLF tip guide

+ Not so much this The Inspired Room blog post itself, but the comments were pretty interesting (while diverse) and I am sure I will refer back to it in the future

I may not want to be a crazy cat lady, but I am all for being crazy plant lady! Are you with me? I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a place like this:

Ideat Magazine-June 2011 via iiiinspired

<Ideat Magazine-June 2011 via iiiinspired>

Of course, if you have any additional ideas/suggestions I would be forever grateful. Don’t support the husband’s I-told-you-so-its-dead-campaign.

Ohmygoodnesswowwowwow!!  This is where I live now.


Tutorial time you sexy minxes!

I recently spent months looking through local Craigslist ads for a couch, and after checking out a couple, we finally found a really nice, black, leather sofa with a chaise.  When we got it there were a couple of buttons missing off the tufts, which I assumed would be an easy item to repair.  This was a fair assumption (go me!):

Replacing buttons on tufted furniture/adding tufts to furniture cushions


Long embroidary neeedle


Back buttons

An episode of Mad Men


1.  Start your episode of Mad Men.

2.  Measure out 9 forearm lengths of your thread.  Line up the two ends of the thread and the fold in the end of the thread.   This should make a length with four strings of thread.  Thread the needle with the four strings.  Loop it through and tie the eight strings together at the end.  This eight strings will allow for a tight hold between the top button and bottom button.

3.  Pull the thread so that the needle is near the tied end of your thread.  Hook the button at the opposite end of the thread.  Pull your needle through the cushion from the top of the cushion to the back, being careful to try to keep perpendicular to the cushion to make for a straight line for the thread.

4.  Once pulled through tightly attach the back button.  Cut the thread near the needle and take the two sections of four strings.  Loop one over and through the other to make a simple knot.  Pull as tightly as you can and repeat.  Loop one set of the strings around the back button five times and repeat the knot process.

5.  From there you can trim the excess length in the strings and boom, your tufted.

If you are adding tufts where it was previously tuft-less, you have a ton of options – tufting patterns are pretty much endless.  And by endless I mean there are, like, at least three options:

Simply mark the underside of your cushion with a fabric pencil where you would like the tufts to go and follow the steps above.  If you are reupholstering a piece entirely, the fabric component complicates things a bit and it might be a little while before I climb that mountain.. sorry if I am disappointing anyone that was looking for that level of tuft-y magic..

In other news.. HOLY GLEE FINALE, Batman!  Way to totally make my little heart smile and reaffirm my love for Finn.  (In a strictly show/character sort of way.  No offense Mr. Hudson, but my husband is way hotter and 18 is a little young for me.)


Happy Almost-Weekend, Mother-Lovers!

(I love my mom, and you should too.  Today she told me she reads my blog [HI MOM!], which makes her much cooler than your mom.  I’m sure your mom is cool, just not my-mom-cool.  Best mom ever!)

Since we recently gave the bedroom some much-needed lovin’ – yay, duvet cover! – time to switch gears and talk living room!  Gosh, this blog is just riveting!  How do I not have millions of readers?!

With the help of Adobe Photoshop’s free 30-day trial, I have created the MASTER PLAN.

Ladies and gentlefolks, I proundly present to you, my future living room (and kinda dining room):

Now a few caveats:  I’m already sick of that polar bear pillow.  I don’t actually own it, I just don’t like looking at it in this photo anymore – boo on you, expired Photoshop trial!  Don’t get me wrong, its cute, but in a nursery sort of way.  I am also not 100% in love or committed to everything in here.  I do like the idea of each piece though, meaning, for example, I don’t love the rug, but I do love the idea of a kilim/turkish rug there with some red in it.  Lastly, please ignore the rough photoshop execution. I didn’t want to spend hours on this but rather make a rough outline for Alex to understand where my heads at; I guess I heard “you are all over the place” too many times.  But to his point, I totally am.. sometimes.  

I’m sure you are all dying to ask if any progress has been made yet.  Well, you will have to wait and see, won’t you?  Yes.  Yes, you will.

Who am I kidding, I can’t keep anything from you – just look at that face, who could keep anything from that face?  No one, I tell you.  Anyway, the answer is yes, but I can’t use all my good stuff in one entry, gotta spread the love.  Don’t change that dial, there is much more to come!

So what say you, interwebsters?  Suggestions?  Comments?  Gimme gimme.

Also, someone please buy me photoshop (no, not you, Mom) because my trial is now doneskies and I want it so so so bad.  The reason I cannot aquire this wonderful program is because the business people of Adobe are total jerks and understand they have something golden and marked up the price accordingly.  To like, thousands of dollars.  Basically,  it costs WAY too much and definitely doesn’t fit into the Moore budget.  I also would never let Jenny work the streets just because I want to make perdy pictures — even though she totally could because she definitely has it going on, seriously, you should see how all the boy doggies look at her at the dog park – I mean if they hadn’t already been panting..

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