As I mentioned in a previous post, we recently gave notice to the landlords of Unit B and we will be moving on to a new rental come July.

But before we get into the excitement of apartment hunting, the stress of yard selling, or the disaster of packing, here is a little of what Unit B has seen over the past two years:

*  Alex and I had a very DIY heavy wedding, so prior to the event itself we decided it would be best to move in then rather than add some stress to the back-end of all the festivities.  It was only a couple of weeks early but the point is, this apartment witnessed us in both the state of couple-hood and then as married folk, as well as the transition in between.

*  We found Jenny at a dog adoption event around the corner and she has pretty much been the best thing ever.  Plus Unit B has hardwood floors so the apartment has taught Jenny about traction, which is something I believe Jenny would say she is very grateful for.

*  We held many get-togethers with friends, including but not limited to:  Settlers of Catan dork-fests, margarita fueled guitar singalongs, Xbox Kinect dance-offs (the less coordinated, the better), Mimosas Volleyball and Pancakes (MVP) mornings, Christmas gift exchanges with heavy homemade eggnog consumption, and Oktoberfest after parties, which naturally involved things like Batman-masked hallway karate matches.

*  When we first moved into Unit B, literally almost every item of furniture was a hand-me-down.  Now, two years later we have started the daunting task of slowly replacing this furniture with items we love, very carefully selecting each piece.  This will naturally be a forever job, but it is exciting to have started this process together, I guess it makes me feel a little growed up.

(see below, ugly green couch – behind my silly dog’s yawn)

All in all, I believe this apartment will always hold a special place in my heart – regardless of how many more apartments we are to have.  This is where I lived when I married the man of my dreams, my best friend; where we had some of our first real fights, first real make ups, and this is where we grew so much as a couple and have really learned how to communicate with each other.  And of course, this is where our family has made its first expansion, adding the fluffy little bundle of joy that is our Jenny dog.   And now we are Team Awesome.

Now for a little tour — you didn’t think I was going to leave you hanging there with all that sappy stuff and no photos, did you? — for shame.  (Keep in mind, there is still a high percentage of hand-me-down/making-it-work business up in here)

Now raise your glass (pick your poison: beer, wine, Yoo-hoo,  Sobe Lean, Hot Tottie,  Ensure, etc) and let’s cheers to first apartments – may their happy memories always make you smile.  Salut!

Oops.. I just chugged the rest of my drink just thinking about apartment hunting.. groan..


Well hello interwebs!

Our names are Ryann and Alex and we would like welcome you to our little corner of the internet which we are calling “Settling Sideways.”  I dare you to come up with a cheesier name.  Oh and we are attractive, as evidenced below:

Photo above taken by the beautiful and fabulous Studio 28 Photo, www.studio28photo.com

We are also married and have a lovely little girl named Jenny.  Now, don’t be silly, she is a dog, but she fits in perfectly, as she is also attractive:

Eat your heart out, Lassie.

Now one quick note – I (Ryann) will probably be doing 200% of the blogging, but I have chosen to say ‘we’ above as I am no super-women and will be requiring lots of husbandly assistance from my main-squeeze, Alex.

While we currently live in a fabulous little Unit B in Redondo Beach, CA, we will probably end up living in an Apartment Number 7 in San Francisco, E in Dallas, and maybe even a R12 in Louisville before we grow some real gonads, settle-down, and buy a house.  So here we are embarking on an exciting, new adventure (while not being wildly unique) and starting our very own blah-g.

Our goal is to document our temporary residences, the ever exhausting search for beautiful and fitting furniture, and maybe some (hopefully lots) of DIY home improvements.  In other words, making apartment after apartment, home.   [The crowd ‘awes’ and I die a very cheesy death.]  The degree of our home improvements will naturally be contingent upon what our current lease allows, as well as our energy levels, but that is all a part of the adventure.

Please do be warned, while my husband and I are pretty remarkable, we are still youngsters and all this business is new to us.  This will undoubtably be a very bumpy road, which may or may not make for some better reading.  At the very least, we hope our trial and errors may help one of you world-wide-websters learn from our mistakes.

Another key feature, which is again not overly unique, is that we are doing all this on a very tight budget.  You see we were feeling pretty pretentious when applying for colleges and both ended up going to fancy, smancy private schools, leaving us in the equivalent of Scrooge McDuck money pool, of debt.   This is one of the many reasons why there will be no gonad growth or settling down for quite some time.

And just to give your hungry little internet minds a preview of what’s to come in the first couple weeks, I have made a quick list below:

  • Restoring buttons on tufted furniture cushions
  • DIY linen duvet
  • Sanding and repainting sofa legs
  • Fixing scratches and cracks in resin sealed tables
  • A very spoiled puppy’s birthday party
  • Much, much more (stop drooling, you are embarrassing yourself)

Well thank you for sticking around for all that, you’re a champ!  It has been a pleasure meeting you, we love you, and please come visit again soon.

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