3 Cheers for 3 Years!

Three years ago, today, I married Mr. Alex Moore and we are off to celebrate in Hawaii. My apologies for the quiet week last week and the equal silence that will be this one. More fun and games when we return.


We have had many great days and several very challenging ones, but looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you, you handsome bow-tie-rockin’ devil. Happy Anniversary, Mr. Alex Moore.

Love, your lady.


Two years ago today I married this handsome devil:

(all photos by Studio 28 Photo, except second photo)

(PS – in the spirit of keeping some DIY content, I DIY-ed that veil, his and all the guys’ boutonnieres, and all the flowers – YAY)

In these last five years or so Alex has been patient, loving, and supportive.  Not every day was perfect, but whenever we did have one of those less-than-perfect days we worked it out, talked it out, hugged it out and ultimately grew closer, reminding ourselves that we want this relationship to last the rest of our lives and why we crazy kids got into this in the first place.  And for every rough day we had, we had one hundred wonderful ones.  Thank you, Alex, for everything – you are sexy.

And to anyone out there in relationship/partnership/marriage-world experiencing one of those less-than-perfect days, let me say that relationships/partnerships/marriages are a heck-of-a-lot of work, but when you find a good one and a great companion it is all worth it and only gets better and better.  At least that’s our experience.  That being said, if that partner is a jerk/cheater/straight-up bad person — get out, because I have had that experience too and it isn’t worth dating a dung-ball when there are diamonds out there. 

Anyway, tonight Alex and I have some romantic, laid back fun planned, then operation finish-painting-the-bedroom (almost done!) will recommence.

Happy September 4th friends, today is one of my favorite days and I hope you all enjoy it too.

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