This is why I love the internets

I am a total Mac groupie. I LOVED my iPhone. It was the best, honestly and truly. I can’t even give you any super quantitative reasons for why, but just don’t bother talking to me about your Android phone as I am blindly committed to how awesome the iPhone is. Unfortunately, however, with my leaving work, I also had to hand in my much-loved, work-provided cellular device. And with it went my easy access to the best app of all the apps, Instagram.

I do have a tablet, which I used to take the photo below with, but it 1. is not convenient to carry around and snap photos with 2. it has far worse point and shoot camera specs. I am sure most are thinking, why don’t you just buy your own iPhone, like the rest of the world (less those dummies with Androids)? Well if that was a simple answer, I would share that with you, but instead just trust we have our reasons (short-term: sad yet also long-term: exciting reasons.)


// This photo is of some totally delicious and healthy blueberry french toast that I made last Saturday YUMS! //

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though – not the happiest, brightest light, but at least a florescent bulb. My husband’s new job has ordered him some fancy (Android) smart phone and I am totally commandeering it, when needed, for my Instagram pleasure.

In the meantime, my Instagram account is a little sad and the above picture is all I have for recent photos, so for fun and because I don’t have much else to report, here are some of my favorite internet finds from this week:

+ Over 100 corgis at this event in the Pacific Northwest. I would have totally attended but I might have died of happiness.

+ If I did my wedding over again it might just look something like this (featured on Brooklyn Bride), with a little bit of YEAH! Rentals action and Max Wanger Photography thrown into the mix. Love everything – the dress, the neon sign, the invites, the bands, the gold details.. swooooon.

+ I have been told by MANY that my personality doppelgänger is Aubrey Plaza (particularly if/when I am hungover – which has never happened*…,) and while she probably shouldn’t be anyone’s role model, I am taking it as a compliment because I find her outstandingly hilarious, all of which makes me want to see this movie. Plus, being linked to her is much better than who people actually have mistaken me for. Like really, it’s happened at least 10 times – in college, one customer at Starbucks even refused to call me ‘Ryann’ and instead called me ‘Lindsey.’ EVERY. DAY.

     * this is a lie.

+ UO has Bullet Planters? WHAAAA? I want. Too bad I don’t have a money tree, otherwise I would buy one in every color, in both sizes. Also, H&M Home is kinda killing it – with this (in orange and dark green please,) this (cutest toy for Jenny,) and this (perfect for a makeup tin,) and this, and this.

+ These photos by Fiona Conrad have me daydreaming of a trip to Santorini. Just beautiful.

+ Alex and I have been talking a lot about making our own bloody mary’s. Well, this recipe by A Beautiful Mess has me ready to stop talking the talk and finally walk the walk. Or drink the drank.

+ Here are a bunch of incredible tricks that my dog can’t do. But we love her anyway. This dog is very appropriately named ‘Jumpy’. How adorbs.

+ This week’s soundtrack has simply been these two songs on repeat: Lucius, Two of Us on the Run (really all of Lucius’ songs) and Walk the Moon, Shiver Shiver (officially unofficial band-made music video)

+ If you know me in real life and we have happened to discuss kids at all, you have probably heard me say that I really only would want one/them to decorate its/their room(s) and to dress it/them up – see my Pinterest board ‘If I ever change my mind about children‘. Its a pretty horrible, but honest truth. I like kids, I really do, I just have little-to-no baby fever. This Buzzfeed post, however, does make me want to borrow one for dress up reasons (much like my Halloween post from last year.) Also, I am a horrible human being, but seriously, have kids and let me be the crazy aunt-lady. (Alright, fine, #6, 12, and 22 do give my lady parts a tiny twist of desire to have a little Wesley James Moore, some day. The tiniest bit of desire.)

+ An older article, but one I reread this week and if you are a bride, you should to: Why you need a Wedding Planner.

+ Whoooo wouldn’t want these awesome Owl Letterpress Cards? See what I did there?…

+ I LOVE this embroidery artwork that the Jealous Curator tracked down by Stephanie K. Clark. Along with the JC, I am thinking “DAMN I WISH I THOUGHT OF THAT.” Besides that, I want them all.

+ Alright so my plan is: devote one room’s wall space to Stephanie K. Clark’s creations, and another to these gemstone prints. Must collect them all!

+ I am overloading you with dog stuff today, but really how totally cute is this make your own felt dog kit? What a great gift idea for (ME) someone who loves their pooch?

+ Speaking of gifts, this has to be one of my favorite finds of the entire year, not just this week. Not Another Bill is a service that allows you to sign up/subscribe so that you or a friend receives cool new surprises in the mail every month. Some of their past month’s gifts seem amazing.. now if only I could find that money tree…

Happy weekend to all, and to all a good night.

I don’t want a baby, I just want to borrow one for Halloween

Being an avid Pinterest-er, it has been hard to ignore that adorable and trendy children in costumes is totally THE BUSINESS right now on there. I for one, can hardly handle the cuteness any longer, and because I am entering the last weeks of class (leaving me little time to make some home-decorating-DIY progress) I am going to disgust all of you with my favorite, totally heart-melting, style-saavy children of the pumpkin holiday:

/// As per usual, I apologize if this post makes you want to grab your loved one and get some baby-making on (don’t all my posts?), but alas, please keep in mind that it will still take 9 months for that little potential feller to grace us with his/her presence, which of course, very tragicly wont be in time for halloween. ///

(BE TEE DUB… Oh Happy Day is killing it in the way of little-stinker costumes.. just wow.)

1. Andy Warhol – Oh Happy Day!: I mean come on. Two options: 1. This poor kid has no idea who Andy Warhol is, so he is probably just dressing up for his the pleasure of being his parents little trendy puppet. 2. This kid does know who Andy Warhol is and he is going to grow up to be so cool that he is unable to make any friends but based on his genius he is able to discover how to speak to animals and starts up a new world of circus acts and becomes internationally known for his death defying show where he enters riding on the wings of two eagles while being pulled by his elephant friend, Seymour  After every show lil Andy and Seymour meet to discuss ways to improve their performances over a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup.  Only possible situations, clearly.

2. Team Zissou Costume – Apartment Therapy: Seriously, another one where I doubt the child knows the reference, but I am very jealous, I want to be on Team Zissou. I want to make the flag. If you haven’t seen the movie, we are done. At least until you watch it. Wes Anderson is totally the bees knees.

3. Airplane Pilot – Oh Happy Day!: Where does one get child size goggles like this? That is my only question, besides that, total adorb-fest.

4. Vincent Van Gogh – Oh Happy Day!: A little morbid, but gosh darnit I love it. Something about a little boy with a fake beard seems to get me every time. Plus I love me some art references, and while I feel like every child should eventually learn about all the iconic artists, if I had one, I certainly would work my way from the past to present, therefore teaching my child about Van Gogh prior to Sir Warhol, even though both would certainly make the curriculum.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Fox – Apartment Therapy: Another Wes Anderson reference, my heart is stolen again. Basically, that is all I have to say, this is the shiz. Also see this movie if you haven’t, until then, you are dead to me.

6. Dumb and Dumber – The Meta Picture: Now I don’t want kids, at least that is our current plan, but what I am certain of is that I don’t want is twins, yikes! Two for the time of one! I am sure they are wonderful (my husband is a twin, so can’t hate on the idea too much) but I can’t imagine planning on having one kid and suddenly finding out you are having two, or more. Anyway, if that ever happened, partially because I would have no time to make more than these two costumes, but also because this is so cute, the children would forever be the Dumb and Dumber characters in this dog-mobile. Plus I am sure Alex would love this and demand that it be constantly repeated.

7. Penguin – <So Sorry, I couldn’t find the source – can anyone help??>: This costume would become something the child would wear daily, not just on Halloween if I were to, um, borrow one. How could I ever put anything else on them? Hmmm today should I dress him/her in jeans and a t-shirt, a onesie, or the penguin costume? Penguin costume would always win, just face it.

8. Little Strong Man – Oh Happy Day!: Again, too cute, shut the front door. In fact, slam it. This might be the all-time winner, as much as I love a beard on a little guy, a mustache might take the cake. Plus look at how strong he is, this kid is going to get all the babes.

9. Oscar the Grouch – Little Frills: Unlike a lot of these, this one seems especially age appropriate. I guarantee that kid knows who the heck he is supposed to be. And that uni-brow is just studly. I can’t imagine the child is especially comfortable or would want to wear that for very long, but I certainly could stare at him in it for a long time. Ok, I am not a creep I swear..

10. Oompa Loompa – People (ah sorry, can’t find original source): Not sure how I feel about dying a kids hair green, but if you are into that, this is sure to get a lot of “AWWWWW”s at any trick or treat house.

11. Where the Wild Things Are – TheRadicalThreadCo Etsy Store: Never mind, this one wins. Hands down. Whiskers> Mustaches >Beards>Clean Shaven Baby Faces.

12. Up – Auburn Soul Photography: Dang it  I knew about all of these before I started the post but I keep forgetting about some of them as I write on… this one, gosh, is just begging to rumble with Mr. Wild Things for first place. Oh AND if we borrowed a kid, the kid could totally be this Up guy and Jenny could be the dog! She even loves squirrels (sorry, dumb statement, all dogs love squirrels.)

13. Gnome – Chasing Fireflies: Another beard. But this one his bright blue eyes and golden locks. He is a model baby. A model Gnome baby. Although I am sure the costume would still look kinda cute on your less than model-like child. Just kidding, I am sure your babies all look like models.

14. Snail – Oh Happy Day!: OK, a snail. I know, I know, I have a preference for little boys costumes, but this one is non-partial. No one even needs to wear a beard! And still cute to the max!

15. Red Balloon – Oh Happy Day!: Love this movie as well. Bombsauce. The end.

15. Army Man – Wild Ink Press: Alex loved this one, and who was I to deny him from sharing sweet lil babe costumes? More like, who wasn’t I? A big dumby, that’s wh0. Really cute, and really easy. Win, and double win.

And of course there are two Mom/Dad and Baby costumes making the list, although they kinda make me feel weird:

15. Popcorn – This Place is Now a Home: Here is what this lady is saying. “No you can’t eat my baby. Stop. Hands off. Stop putting butter on my baby! Ok, maybe I brought this on myself.” quickly followed with fists of anger and one final wail of “DAMN you Pinterest and all your adorable baby costume ideas!!”

16. Money – Fun Cheap of Free: Here is what this guy is saying. “This isn’t my baby. I am a real burglar  I stole this baby and put him in a money costume and now I am casually crashing this party with my stolen baby! YAY!” All our jaws drop, a lady in the crowd faints, I ask if anyone is a doctor, the crowd breaks out into a riot until the guy finally follows with, “Just kidding! This IS my baby! What a hilarious Halloween Trick! Now let’s eat some treats!!” Then we all laugh and do the jitterbug.

I hope you didn’t mind too terribly this interruption to our regularly scheduled programming, but all of that aside  Happy Halloween you gals and ghouls! Keep thinking very good orange and black thoughts – for Halloween of course and maybe a little for the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS! Go team, win the World Series so I can have a very happy husband! Thanks a bundle, hugs and kisses!!

P.S. if anyone wants to follow any of my other “If I were to change my mind about kids,” musings, feel free to follow me on pinterest here. And for all my other posts… here.


Today is my birthday and yesterday I got back from a nice,  but long trip to my home state of WA (which I will blog about in a couple days).  The reason I share these fun facts is not to solicit birthday wishes (who am I kidding, gimme), but rather to illustrate that (a.) I am exhausted, and (b.) it’s my birthday so anything goes, including this blog post. 

I now crown this post “RANDOM MUSINGS.”

1.  Dear Wes Anderson (you sneaky fox,)

You have officially done it again.  And thus you remain my all time favorite director.  In return for all the joy in my life that you have brought me, I will proudly spread the word of your fantastic new film, Moonrise Kingdom.  Everyone who is anyone should go see this movie, for it is sweet, imaginative, and transfers you to a world full of fond childhood memories and your first experience of crush-induced butterflies.  It is beautifully quirky, whimsically dark, and brilliantly funny.  The film is stylized in such a way that it could only be yours, yet the eloquent dance between love and melancholy, I believe, in this movie is the strongest of all your past work, followed closely perhaps by The Royal Tenenbaums and Life Aquatic.  Hats off to you, sir (again.)

The best part is, I know when I watch it again, I will find a million more things I love about it.



2.  There are few things that infuriate me more than when cops are talking on the phone whilst driving.  It is illegal for me, it should be illegal for you. 

3.  Groundhog Day is a much better film than I remember it being.

4.  Which is worse for you Aspartame or High Fructose Corn Syrup?

5.  My friend is getting a loft in downtown LA and I am going to help decorate it, YAY!!  Watch out Rose Bowl, Long Beach, and Santa Monica Flea Markets!  Also she writes a killer blog that I read every day and you should too! 

6.  I wish I could sing so that I could be on the Glee Project.

7.  I started my graphic design certificate at OTIS College of Art and Design and I COULD NOT BE MORE STOKED!  So far it has been a blast and makes me so very excited about the future.

8.  I am DIY-ing, believe it or not, just my current project has taken a tad bit longer than anticipated (like weeks longer) so don’t fall off that edge of your seat.

9.  I missed Jenny whilst traveling.  Lots.  And while I love her dearly as she is, I sometimes wish she was tiny enough to fit in a little bag so I could take her anywhere, even though I dislike little bag-dogs.  I think I need to ask Mary Poppins where she got her purse.

10.  If I am ever in a bathroom –like any bathroom, including family’s bathrooms– if there is a curtain or shower door that I cannot see through, before I can begin any of whatever business I have in there, I must first ensure that there are no murderers or dead bodies in the bathtub/shower.  It is a strange fear, I will admit.  Just thought I would warn you in the case I ever visit your non-transparent-curtained bathroom and you wonder what the heck I am doing in there.

11.  Number 10 got me thinking about bathrooms and it reminded me of one of my biggest pet peeves involving public restrooms — phones.  Specifically people who insist on being on the phone while in the public bathroom.  Seriously, person in the stall next to me, hang up with your BFF, Tina while you take a whizz, what if she heard someone toot?  (I say toot only because I felt really weird about having a post with the word ‘fart’ in it – well shiz, I guess it was unavoidable).  I, for one, would think it was really weird if I was talking to someone and I heard a bunch of farty bathroom noises in the background.  Not that women toot or fart anyway.  Nor do we sweat or burb, because we are ladies.  Good day.

12.  I have decided if, or when, we get another dog it must be another corgi-mix, or somehow a short-legged version of a normally proportionally legged dog.  I have a dream of having a herd of short-legged puppies.

(I hate not citing photos, but these are all just Google Images – well except the first, that is Jenny and I, in which Jenny is standing up, not laying down)

Oops that last one is a cat, but seriously how cute is my fake dog family?

13.  I don’t want to get into a discussion about babies, but the other night I had a dream that Alex and I had a little boy and we named him Wesley James Moore and he was required to wear a bow-tie until the age of 10 (I mean, duh, his name was Wesley).  But how cute, little onesies (with bow-ties), little toddler get-ups (with bow-ties), and his first day of kindergarten outfit (with a bow-tie and suspenders).  We probably shouldn’t have children.

14.  Have you seen how cheap these chairs are at Overstock?  Once my dining table chairs break down, or when we get a bigger table I am going to get four of these and two of the armed chairs for the head and end of the table.  And yes, I know they are knock-offs.  I care not.

(Photos from

15.  I think I am going to make my car into an art car.  The challenge with this is going to be avoiding becoming really tacky, really fast.  I need some ideas.  If any of you have any – that you wont be using because you have too nice of a car to sacrifice (I clearly don’t have this problem) – please feel free to share. 

Well, thank you for letting me have this day, bloggy friends.  I generally hate reading these kind of posts, so you don’t have to like it, just respect that it is my birthday and I don’t give a truck, ’cause it’s my birthday.

Also, as the card Alex got me today states, “If I were Jesus, today would be Christmas.”  Happy Ryann-mas.

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