TWO TONE part one

Finished painting the bedroom last night.. here are some (not-so-subtle) hints until I am able to take some photos:

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via As de Trèfle & 7 de Coeur

via Farrow & Ball via Simply Grove

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via Style by Emily Henderson

itch your BLOGGY itch and my BRAIN sitch

I am having a complete and total home improvement freak out.  I LOVE our new place, like whoa.  However, we haven’t unpacked a lot of the boxes and the two bedrooms worth of boxes in our new one bedroom makes for one of those games where one piece is intentionally missing so that you can move around the pieces one at a time until they make a picture.  It is chaos.  Kinda like that last sentence.  And our bedroom is half primed.  Like awkwardly, not even done with priming the top half.   And I want to paint EVERYTHING else – so this is a very, very small portion of the work to be done.  I did patch a lot of nail holes and one major ninja-kick size hole in the bathroom — I know the owner should of done this, but did I mention I am having a freak out and that I want to fix everything, and fix everything NOW?!  If only I could afford to take like two weeks off from work and just focus.. ahh that would be so great.  Seriously, how does anyone own a home, have babies, dogs, a man, a car, a job or any of all that business.  Work, school, and a new apartment are making me lose my mind.  “What I wuss,” says Jenny.

So how am I handling this?  Well a few things: 

1.  I am not.  I went to IKEA yesterday, made a couple smart choices but many more bad ones and needless to say I will be returning a decent amount of these impulsive buys.

2.  Ok, I am kinda handling things. Now.  But only because I went to the Brick House and started from her very first post and read in a couple pages.  I totally forgot about what her place looked like in the beginning, considering how incredibly beautiful it is now.  And!  She had a whole house that needed SO much more work than our little condo.  This reminded me that things work out better when you breathe and such; when you really think through your decisions and only select things you really love.  Most importantly it has reminded me to be ok with slow progress.  As much as it totally blows.

All that being said, I am imagining that there may be a little bloggy hiatus.  You know, while I calm down and finish some shiz.  Like unpacking, because that would be a good start.  Or finals which are this week and next (yeah I know, SHUT UP. I am trying not to think about it.) 

So in tribute, because The Brick House has really helped me out today and to allow me to post without having to think too much (considering how healthy my mind is right now) – I am hereby sharing with you my master list of the blogs that I absolutely HAVE to check daily.  It is an obsession.  An addiction.  It’s an itch that I just can’t help but scratch, and I don’t even bother trying to fight the urge, because it is OH. so. good.

1. Style By Emily Henderson

2. The Brick House

3. Door Sixteen

4. Hommemaker

5. Manhattan Nest

6. SF Girl By Bay

7.  Apartment Therapy

8. Decor 8

9. Desire to Inspire

10. Design Sponge

11. Remodelista

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13. Style Me Pretty

14. 100 Layer Cake

15. Studio 28 Photo

16. The Dieline

17. Cotton and Curls

18. Laateedaa

19. Purlbee

(Yes wedding blogs are a guilty pleasure, don’t judge me!)

ENJOY!  I know I will.


As I mentioned in a previous post, we recently gave notice to the landlords of Unit B and we will be moving on to a new rental come July.

But before we get into the excitement of apartment hunting, the stress of yard selling, or the disaster of packing, here is a little of what Unit B has seen over the past two years:

*  Alex and I had a very DIY heavy wedding, so prior to the event itself we decided it would be best to move in then rather than add some stress to the back-end of all the festivities.  It was only a couple of weeks early but the point is, this apartment witnessed us in both the state of couple-hood and then as married folk, as well as the transition in between.

*  We found Jenny at a dog adoption event around the corner and she has pretty much been the best thing ever.  Plus Unit B has hardwood floors so the apartment has taught Jenny about traction, which is something I believe Jenny would say she is very grateful for.

*  We held many get-togethers with friends, including but not limited to:  Settlers of Catan dork-fests, margarita fueled guitar singalongs, Xbox Kinect dance-offs (the less coordinated, the better), Mimosas Volleyball and Pancakes (MVP) mornings, Christmas gift exchanges with heavy homemade eggnog consumption, and Oktoberfest after parties, which naturally involved things like Batman-masked hallway karate matches.

*  When we first moved into Unit B, literally almost every item of furniture was a hand-me-down.  Now, two years later we have started the daunting task of slowly replacing this furniture with items we love, very carefully selecting each piece.  This will naturally be a forever job, but it is exciting to have started this process together, I guess it makes me feel a little growed up.

(see below, ugly green couch – behind my silly dog’s yawn)

All in all, I believe this apartment will always hold a special place in my heart – regardless of how many more apartments we are to have.  This is where I lived when I married the man of my dreams, my best friend; where we had some of our first real fights, first real make ups, and this is where we grew so much as a couple and have really learned how to communicate with each other.  And of course, this is where our family has made its first expansion, adding the fluffy little bundle of joy that is our Jenny dog.   And now we are Team Awesome.

Now for a little tour — you didn’t think I was going to leave you hanging there with all that sappy stuff and no photos, did you? — for shame.  (Keep in mind, there is still a high percentage of hand-me-down/making-it-work business up in here)

Now raise your glass (pick your poison: beer, wine, Yoo-hoo,  Sobe Lean, Hot Tottie,  Ensure, etc) and let’s cheers to first apartments – may their happy memories always make you smile.  Salut!

Oops.. I just chugged the rest of my drink just thinking about apartment hunting.. groan..


So I discovered this blog today and it literally is like internet crack.. for some reason I just can’t stop looking at this:

I think this one might be my favorite.. so far.

I apologize to all of the addicts I create from this post.  Although, as sorry as I am, I am not THAT sorry because this shiz is the tits.


Look what eBay sent me a couple days ago:

It’s a cute little turkish pillow!  Note to self:  When ordering something on ebay, pay closer attention to where the package will be coming from to get an idea of how long it would take to arrive (in this case it took 20 days or so, which meant I was checking my mailbox with more and more frustration for 20 days.)

I like the little guy, although he could stand to eat a sandwich or two and get a little bigger, but he is still a more than welcome bit of color on my grey, light grey, slate grey, white, and black bedding.

I suppose I haven’t explained my thoughts behind the drab bedding choice.  My thought was that the neutral background would provide a blank slate to decorate the bedroom around.  We can now simply change our little throw pillow friend or add/switch up the rug situation for a whole new color scheme.  I really wanted all white bedding, however, we tried that with our first set of sheets and I learned quickly that it is very challenging to keep white sheets the same bright white forever.  I assume black would be just as bad, if not worse – simply think about a black car, it shows everything – so grey it was.

We don’t have a rug in the room now and honestly it might be a little while before we do much more furniture purchasing, well, because, we gave our notice and will be moving out of Unit B at the end of July.  DUN DUN DUUUUH.

I promise I will still have plenty to blog about, don’t go running away!  Plus it also means we will have a entirely new place to arrange and decorate -YAY!  Oh, and we might have a garage sale coming up… which will be fascinating since I have never tried to throw one of those together on my own, please feel free (translation: please, I am begging you) leave me a comment with any advice.

I know you need a little more bloggy meat than this, I do apologize for the brief posts lately.  More to come my hungry little turkish pillows.


The Moore family has one very, very happy man in its midst these days.  Why, you ask?  Why else?  Beer.

It may be a big black box, but it will soon contain some delicious, liquid happiness — yes, folks.. it is a Kegerator:

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but Alex LOVES beer.  I mean, I know that most/all men love beer, but more than drinking it, he loves to make it, read about it, learn about it, spoon with it, write it love poems, and so on.  So to better explain the seemingly impulsive keg box purchase, please understand it will more than pay for itself in handsome man smiles.   Thank you, Craigslist.

Design-wise, it may be something we will have to work around, however soon it will be home-brewing time and then shortly thereafter home-brew-drinking time, and who doesn’t love home-brew-drinking time?  Well Jenny doesn’t but that is only because she isn’t allowed to partake, what a sourpuss.

Now.. to find an unoffensive tap handle..



No… not me.  Or Jenny.  But thank you for the compliment.

Her name is Emily Henderson and she is adorable, hilarious, and oh so stylish!  So stylish, in fact, that she has her own show.. called “Secrets from a Stylist” on HGTV, which is seriously the numero uno reason I am so sad we don’t have television.  (I KNOW!  We are weird, deal with it.)  Thank goodness HGTV sometimes is cool and posts the episodes on their website.  That being said it usually takes them like ten months to finally add them, so I am pretty much constantly like the weirdo that just saw Titanic for the first time and is now raving about it to all their friends who don’t give a crap because, duh, they saw it when it first came out, and double duh, they know its amazing. 

Anyway, she is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to HGTV, without a doubt.  I have loved HGTV forever, but this is really the first that I would DIE to be on.  Her show is such a refreshing experience because it illustrates that not everyone wants a Tuscany inspired Kitchen or Contemporary Living Room.  It really feels like it could be for us younger, newlywed, apartment dwellers as well as the older, richer, fancy Malibu homeowners, and pretty much for any sort of style.  Basically, I hope that HGTV is paying her some big bucks because I think shows like hers are what will end up saving the network from dying out.

OK, I know I sound like a totally crazed stalker fan.. and while I can see what you are saying, I am not (kinda), I am just so stoked that HGTV is getting younger and hipper, and I would argue, much more stylish.  That and I have been reading her blog FOR. LIKE. EVER.  Like even before she won Design Star, so I basically feel like we are best friends even though she doesn’t know who I am.  But if you someday happen to read this Emily, let’s totally have a double date, you bring Bearcat and I’ll bring Jenny and we will go somewhere so totally trendy and stylish and have the time of our lives, become best friends forever, like with bracelets or those half heart necklaces and everything, and then you can come design my house for free just because you love me so much. 

Side note – I know, via her blog that she goes to the LA Flea Markets and Alex and I went the other day, as to be discussed in a forthcoming post, and I’ll be honest, half the time I was looking at furniture and fun flea market stuff, and the other half I was looking around for her or Orlando (who is her awesome and handsome right hand man for design related activities – ie her show, interior design business, painting her house, etc.).  You should read both their blogs:

 Anyway, the point of this post is that she has asked her readers to spread the word about couple awesome shows she will be the host on that will be airing tonight on HGTV that sound super fun!  And because I am cool now and have my own blog and can say/endorse whatever I damn well choose – I hereby demand you to watch the heck out of these shows!  I mean, if you can.  Like if it works for your schedule, and/or it interests you in anyway.  I would totally watch, if I had television… =( and I totally WILL watch if HGTV puts it on their site.

About the shows:

It is called “Behind the Sets” and will be airing at 6 and 6:30 PST (two different episodes).  In the show, Emily goes on a few of the sets of some of the Hollywood shows and interviews set designers, creators, and some actors.  Some of the shows she visits include – Modern Family, The Good Wife, Malcom in the Middle, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, and the Big Bang Theory.  Sounds fun and interesting and you should watch!

You should also watch her regular show!  DO IT!  Go to to watch some episodes from the first couple seasons and watch for Season 3 on HGTV.

So, have fun, enjoy, and have a uber-fabulous weekend!


Happy Almost-Weekend, Mother-Lovers!

(I love my mom, and you should too.  Today she told me she reads my blog [HI MOM!], which makes her much cooler than your mom.  I’m sure your mom is cool, just not my-mom-cool.  Best mom ever!)

Since we recently gave the bedroom some much-needed lovin’ – yay, duvet cover! – time to switch gears and talk living room!  Gosh, this blog is just riveting!  How do I not have millions of readers?!

With the help of Adobe Photoshop’s free 30-day trial, I have created the MASTER PLAN.

Ladies and gentlefolks, I proundly present to you, my future living room (and kinda dining room):

Now a few caveats:  I’m already sick of that polar bear pillow.  I don’t actually own it, I just don’t like looking at it in this photo anymore – boo on you, expired Photoshop trial!  Don’t get me wrong, its cute, but in a nursery sort of way.  I am also not 100% in love or committed to everything in here.  I do like the idea of each piece though, meaning, for example, I don’t love the rug, but I do love the idea of a kilim/turkish rug there with some red in it.  Lastly, please ignore the rough photoshop execution. I didn’t want to spend hours on this but rather make a rough outline for Alex to understand where my heads at; I guess I heard “you are all over the place” too many times.  But to his point, I totally am.. sometimes.  

I’m sure you are all dying to ask if any progress has been made yet.  Well, you will have to wait and see, won’t you?  Yes.  Yes, you will.

Who am I kidding, I can’t keep anything from you – just look at that face, who could keep anything from that face?  No one, I tell you.  Anyway, the answer is yes, but I can’t use all my good stuff in one entry, gotta spread the love.  Don’t change that dial, there is much more to come!

So what say you, interwebsters?  Suggestions?  Comments?  Gimme gimme.

Also, someone please buy me photoshop (no, not you, Mom) because my trial is now doneskies and I want it so so so bad.  The reason I cannot aquire this wonderful program is because the business people of Adobe are total jerks and understand they have something golden and marked up the price accordingly.  To like, thousands of dollars.  Basically,  it costs WAY too much and definitely doesn’t fit into the Moore budget.  I also would never let Jenny work the streets just because I want to make perdy pictures — even though she totally could because she definitely has it going on, seriously, you should see how all the boy doggies look at her at the dog park – I mean if they hadn’t already been panting..

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