Today I just got back from a very long, but exciting weekend up in San Francisco/Sacramento.  I am running on little-to-no sleep  and in my drunken-like-sleepy-state I am reflecting on how I have been treating my body lately.  Eating (almost exclusively) junk, drinking too much, working out too little (as in, not at all) and kinda neglecting any general up-keep needs, ie. haircut, severely cracked feet from the heat, etc.

So today I’ve decided to do a detox bath and hopefully kick start an effort in taking better care of mon self.

Here is a recipe that I have put together from my research/bathing experiences:

4 cups Epsom Salts

2 cups Baking Soda

2 tablespoons Ginger

1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tablespoon Cayenne

16 ounces Hydrogen Peroxide

Now – I am no doctor – so please, make sure this is a safe choice for you before doing a detox bath.  Here are a few of my (non-doctor) notes about the process:

1.  You will sweat… a lot.  This is part of the “detox” process.

2.  Be very careful when getting out of the bath – a lot of people can get dizzy.

3.  Drink loads of cold water before, during, and after.

4.  I usually try to do a 40 minute bath, with a cold water rinse afterwords followed up with bundling myself up, which supposedly helps continue the detox even after the bath.

5.  Get a good book and or music to read/listen to and this might just become your new favorite thing.

6.  I try not to do this “detox” bath too often.  I again am no doctor and don’t know if high frequency detox baths are good or bad for you, but I try to limit them to no more than a couple a month and only when I am feeling particularly tox-full.

If you decide the detox bath, I hope you enjoy – I think I am definitely needing it today, and who knows, maybe I’ll finally start working out again one of these days.

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