For the love of natural light

With any move there are mixed feelings and this last one has certainly been no exception. We have broken hearts over leaving some of our dearest friends – even while they are only an hour or so away, this could easily translate to 3 hours, given LA traffic and it hurts all the same. We are filled to the brim with excitement about what this new adventure will bring and the opportunity it is giving me to explore my career goals. We will miss being just a stones-throw from the beach, the running trail and a few of our favorite happy hour/food spots, but love the challenge of finding new stomping grounds. We have already talked about the fact that our last apartment may always remain our favorite non-forever home for so many reasons. But this new one has it’s perks as well.

Such as.. NATURAL LIGHT. OMGEE I have windows.

Our last place was wonderful, it really was. We had all the freedom in the world to do whatever we wanted, even though we didn’t take full advantage of that (we didn’t really have this move planned and thought we would be there for a while, in other words, weren’t in a rush) it was still very nice to know we could, at any time, make any change we felt like. It had concrete floors which I really didn’t mind and made for cleaning up our part-sheltie’s dog hair much easier. The location simply could not be beat. It was just enough space that we weren’t on top of each other, but it also challenged us to have a more minimal life style. But, it really only had one window and was, in a sense, a cave. 

The extra unfortunate thing was that this one window was off the kitchen and so situated that there was no room for plants of any size to be placed along its limited light source.

Every time I got to feeling a bit bummed to be leaving our little Redondo condo, I would remind myself that while its quirks were often wonderful, the lack of windows had and would always frustrate me when I would walk through the plant aisles of Home Depot, OSH, IKEA, or even saw a lovely plant-filled home image on a blog or Pinterest. That was, until I went on one last IKEA run before moving into the new place, where along with some necessities, I picked my first long-coveted Fiddle Leaf Fig.

It has some nasty brown patches on a leaf or two, which honestly were already developing in the store, but I figured even a few leafs down, the IKEA deal was going to be the most affordable AND justifiable to the non-plant-enthusiast that is my husband.


(SO sorry about the horrible photo, I am now iPhone-less and therefore good-camera-less. Working on it.)

I have since spent the last week or so reading all the internet has to offer in terms of advice on how to keep this lovely leafy green\ alive and thriving. Here are my favorite reads:

+ From Gardenista – this piece even features some of my favorite blogger’s thoughts on FLF

+ A good straight-forward FLF tip guide

+ Not so much this The Inspired Room blog post itself, but the comments were pretty interesting (while diverse) and I am sure I will refer back to it in the future

I may not want to be a crazy cat lady, but I am all for being crazy plant lady! Are you with me? I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a place like this:

Ideat Magazine-June 2011 via iiiinspired

<Ideat Magazine-June 2011 via iiiinspired>

Of course, if you have any additional ideas/suggestions I would be forever grateful. Don’t support the husband’s I-told-you-so-its-dead-campaign.

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