The Moore family has one very, very happy man in its midst these days.  Why, you ask?  Why else?  Beer.

It may be a big black box, but it will soon contain some delicious, liquid happiness — yes, folks.. it is a Kegerator:

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but Alex LOVES beer.  I mean, I know that most/all men love beer, but more than drinking it, he loves to make it, read about it, learn about it, spoon with it, write it love poems, and so on.  So to better explain the seemingly impulsive keg box purchase, please understand it will more than pay for itself in handsome man smiles.   Thank you, Craigslist.

Design-wise, it may be something we will have to work around, however soon it will be home-brewing time and then shortly thereafter home-brew-drinking time, and who doesn’t love home-brew-drinking time?  Well Jenny doesn’t but that is only because she isn’t allowed to partake, what a sourpuss.

Now.. to find an unoffensive tap handle..


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