Working for the Weekend

Although the week has started and I am already well into my crazy schedule, my mind is stuck on my weekend. In my mind I am still bike riding along the strand or sipping mimosas with a good friend after finishing our 10K.

Only a few more days before we get to enjoy another little life break.


For some extra fun-timez, here are a few great things the internet has introduced to me today:

  1. I just can’t quit watching the NPR tiny desk concerts, here is a great one of Swell Season.
  2. While I was considering just making some myself, these coasters may have changed my mind.
  3. Last chance to vote for Homies on Apartment Therapy – everyone should vote! (If you are dying to know who I voted for, here is a hint: rhymes with Ranhattan Fest)
  4. I think I could literally listen to Amy Winehouse singing Valerie for the rest of the week, straight.
  5. Booked our flights and our rental care for our spring break, Europe trip. Countries will include Belgium, Germany, and France. Send any must-see’s my way. (So far I have taken about 20 pages of notes from Oh Happy Day’s Paris posts)
  6. My type-friends will appreciate this: Kern Ring Set. I also appreciate and want to own them.
  7. Two favorite recent (crazy stylish and beautiful) blogs I have found: Sweet Thing and JASPR.
  8. My web design class meets for the second time tonight and I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite classes of all time. Big plans, huge goals, and exciting future – here I come.
  9. This Design Sponge, Bri Emery of Design Love Fest and Blogshop feature is so inspiring and motivating. Repeat – big plans, huge goals, and exciting future – here I come.
  10. This vegan paleo recipe posted by Jeremy and Kathleen has me wanting to go vegan paleo.

What are your weekend plans? What are your huge goals?

**Don’t forget to immortalize your favorite pet or loved one in a DIY cell-phone cover, either for the Hallmark holiday around the corner, or just because.**


Today I just got back from a very long, but exciting weekend up in San Francisco/Sacramento.  I am running on little-to-no sleep  and in my drunken-like-sleepy-state I am reflecting on how I have been treating my body lately.  Eating (almost exclusively) junk, drinking too much, working out too little (as in, not at all) and kinda neglecting any general up-keep needs, ie. haircut, severely cracked feet from the heat, etc.

So today I’ve decided to do a detox bath and hopefully kick start an effort in taking better care of mon self.

Here is a recipe that I have put together from my research/bathing experiences:

4 cups Epsom Salts

2 cups Baking Soda

2 tablespoons Ginger

1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tablespoon Cayenne

16 ounces Hydrogen Peroxide

Now – I am no doctor – so please, make sure this is a safe choice for you before doing a detox bath.  Here are a few of my (non-doctor) notes about the process:

1.  You will sweat… a lot.  This is part of the “detox” process.

2.  Be very careful when getting out of the bath – a lot of people can get dizzy.

3.  Drink loads of cold water before, during, and after.

4.  I usually try to do a 40 minute bath, with a cold water rinse afterwords followed up with bundling myself up, which supposedly helps continue the detox even after the bath.

5.  Get a good book and or music to read/listen to and this might just become your new favorite thing.

6.  I try not to do this “detox” bath too often.  I again am no doctor and don’t know if high frequency detox baths are good or bad for you, but I try to limit them to no more than a couple a month and only when I am feeling particularly tox-full.

If you decide the detox bath, I hope you enjoy – I think I am definitely needing it today, and who knows, maybe I’ll finally start working out again one of these days.

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