Words for 2013

I am not usually the type to hold onto motivational quotes, however, today I read the below quote on Design Sponge’s interview with Victoria Smith from sfgirlbybay, a quote she mentioned that had first been shared with her by Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day! Design Spongesfgirlbybay, and Oh Happy Day! all have been blogs I have cherished now for quite some time, and the ladies behind them remain constant inspirations to me. After the last couple days, as I explained in yesterdays post, I was really needing some words like this and I plan to take this one with me to help keep me going this week and throughout all of 2013.

zig ziglar

The universe (and Twitter) didn’t only assist me today in stumbling upon the above quote, but also the video below. It really is worth sharing and watching. Not only is it adorable, but simple and true, and something I plan to come back to from time to time when I am needing a bit of a pep talk.

This video is by Soul Pancake, an amazing organization headed up by Rainn Wilson and friends (the one celebrity that used to come into the Starbucks I worked at that through college, that I was always simply too nervous to say anything to.) Anyway, I could spend hours on here watching non-stop beautiful and moving videos about art, compassion, and basically anything/everything hilarious.

I needed these today. If you know someone who might need these too, please forward along.

And with that, goodnight, Poopsikins.

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