Since I am an expert in all things related to love and relationships (NOT), I feel compelled to share the following guidance with you:

If you come across a man who will buy you peonies, on a Wednesday, for no reason at all, trap, kidnap, or do whatever necessary to hold onto him forever.  Otherwise this man will be snatched up faster than an unreasonably low priced Eames lounger at the Rose Bowl Flea Market (seriously, who does not already own or desperately want one of these in LA??)

You’re welcome, women of the internets.


Stop whatever you are doing right now and buy your lady some flowers.  No, you don’t need a reason, and yes, Batman Arkham City will still be there when you get back.

You can thank me for the loving you receive (for being such a sweet and thoughtful man), by buying me an Eames lounger.

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