Getting Festive – Advent Calendar

I don’t exactly decorate for Christmas. Or any holiday for that matter. It isn’t that I don’t totally and completely LOVE the holidays — Christmas time is actually, easily my favorite time of year. It is more that I see decorating for the holidays as yet another design challenge, one which I am not ready to conquer yet, considering I still have dozens of everyday design challenges to get through – and I feel like those should come first. I am also not a huge fan of the red and green combo, or really the black and orange, or even just limiting a lot of any decor to two colors – unless they are black and white, we all know how I feel about that.IMG_1900



So while I am not currently decorating our apartment for Xmas-ness and we wont be getting a tree.. I am very much, all about free adorable advent calendars. The one I went with was from Mr. Printables, and I couldn’t love it more. First of all, it really only took about one-movie’s worth of time to put together, and it happens to be mostly black and white and geometric and has super cute shapes and patterns. AWESOME.

Seeing that I assumed Alex would view this as possibly “a waste of time,” I figured I had to fill them with something that would make him look past his manly urge to not appreciate the craft of this project. I wish I was incredibly clever and generally hilarious enough to come up with 24 different, but equally funny notes to fill my cute little advent houses, but I am not. So I turned to someecards for inspiration. Since it is only the third day of December and my husband has been known to check this blog occasionally, I can unfortunately only share three of these notes with you:

December 1 — I hope my shocking humor will get you to drop your <boxer briefs>

note: the original quote used “panties” but Alex, believe it or not, does not wear panties. 

December 2 — I would climb to the highest incline on a treadmill for you.

December 3 — I’d watch an online video of you even if it meant first sitting through an ad that lasted longer than 15 seconds.

Best part is that after writing out all the little flirty notes, I folded them and mixed them all up before placing them in their homes, making it so that every morning the note is a but of a surprise for me as well.

Now, if these make you blush, you can certainly swap out the mildly scandalous jokes with candy, toys, or notes of a more romantic nature.

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